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Carolina Polyglot, Inc. is professional language translations company, which specializes in the translation, interpretation and tutoring of languages. The company was founded in 1981, and since its inception has had the great fortune of serving clients on a nationwide level. We are located in Charlotte, N.C., and currently have a footprint that extends areas across the South East region; the Carolinas, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia, as well other states throughout the U.S.

With a team of 26 translators and interpreters we have been able to service businesses, colleges, hospitals, law firms and non-profit organizations with their translation and interpretation needs for the most demanded languages. Carolina Polyglot, Inc. is specialized to assist you with certified translations, simultaneous or consecutive interpretations, voice-over, editing, resumes, and tutorial services, with expertise in Immigration, Residence, Citizenship, Education, Commerce, Journalism, Medicine, Laws, Insurance, and Religion.

Dr. William DePaula, founder and President of Carolina Polyglot, Inc., was a simultaneous interpreter for the United Nations and provided, through NBC-TV, the simultaneous services for the Clinton/Dole debate, in San Diego, and for 1997's State of the Union Address. NBC estimated that President Clinton reached an audience of 130 million Hispanics.

The Tutorial Assistance services are managed and conducted by Dr. Zilda Souza DePaula, and her tutorial staff. Dr. Zilda Souza DePaula, the Director of the Second Language Academy, is well known for providing professional language tutorial services with a level of quality and determination that ensures clients receive a best in class service experience.

AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS Image of a trophy

Former United Nations Interpreter - Dr. William DePaula served as a simultaneous interpreter.

Founding member of CATI (Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters) - Chapter of the American Translators Association (ATA) that serves North and South Carolina.

Gil Brauch Award - In 1979, Dr. Zilda DePaula received the Gil Brauch Award. Member of Charlotte Rotary Club; “Who -is- Who” among International Educators.

ATA (American Translators Association) - Dr. William DePaula joined the ATA in 1983 and has maintained a proactive membership. The ATA was founded in 1969 and is largest organization of skilled translators and interpreters.

Zilda DePaula’s International Day in Charlotte-Mecklenburg County- This day was proclaimed to be Dec 5th, 1987, and was signed by the Board of County Commissioners

Simultaneous interpreter for Clinton/Dole debate - Dr. William DePaula provided simultaneous interpretation services for the Clinton/Dole debate in San Diego, and for 1997's State of the Union Address. It was estimated that President Clinton reached an audience of 130 million Hispanics.

Terry Sanford Award - In 1997, Dr. Zilda DePaula received this award for Creativity and Innovation among 5,000 candidates.

25 years of business excellence. - Carolina Polyglot, Inc. is celebrating it 25 years of excellence in business.

Appointed to chair the International Committee of a Special task force - Committee formed to elevate the Charlotte Immigration and Naturalization Service Office to a new district, to be called Carolinas INS District. The International Committee is one of the eight committees of the newly appointed task force, which will compile and provide all the data to be presented by Rep. Sue Myrick before the Appropriations Committee for the U.S. House for Representatives.

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