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  1. "I wish I could unwind back the time clock, and go back to yesterday years. That would enable me to drink once more from that beneficial influence of the best English teacher I ever met, Dr. Zilda DePaula. Not being able to do so, I am sending my son Tomo to Charlotte, NC, to learn ESL at the Second Language Academy, directed by Dr. DePaula."

    ASIA:JAPAN - Mr. Yoji Nishiyama, President

    Nara Import/Export, Inc. Japan

  2. "I was an elementary school teacher in Honduras when my family decided to migrate to the United States. Having seen people with College Education doing jobs below their training and skills, I was reluctant when I went to Carolina Polyglot (Second Language Academy), to have my documents translated and evaluated for employment purposes. I am so pleased to have chosen Carolina Polyglot to make the academic evaluation of my credentials for employability purposes. Since our first appointment Dr. DePaula gave me only words of encouragement and also helped me during the completion of the data collection form. When I brought my Evaluation document to the Human Resources at the CMS School System, they told me that Carolina Polyglot is a well known and prestigious company in both Carolinas. They also told me that I should not have any problem getting the job. I am now licensed to teach in any school within the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND Program. I strongly recommend Carolina Polyglot to anyone seeking prompt, efficient and professional attention. Their knowledge of comparative academic study and their evaluation services made a difference in my live. I have referred many clients to them for translations and credential evaluations.”"

    CENTRAL AMERICA:Honduras - Diana Ayes Garay

  3. "When I took English as a Second Language in Charlotte, NC, I must admit that I was bored under lots of culture shock. Then Mrs. Zilda DePaula took control of all my problems. I never thought that her vision and enthusiasm could be so contagious. She always looked at my potential out there, in the future. My English proficiency grew at a very fast rate. In addition to run the Travel Agency, I made a decision to imitate Mrs. DePaula's approach to leadership and motivation. My employees enjoy our working set. I will never be able to thank Mrs. DePaula enough. We call each other all the time. She is still my mentor."

    EUROPE: Greece - Mrs. Maria Kastanas,
    Agrinio Traveler

  4. "I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful job you did for me. This was in relation to the Romanian to English translation and evaluation of the transcript from the Dimitrie Cantemir University of Bucharest, Romania for my MLT program at CPCC. Your communication with me, the quality of your translation and evaluation work, and your commitment and dedication to help me were simply great. Your excellent reputation, especially with CPCC, helped to speed up the process, too. Also remarkable about your help was your extraordinary experience and understanding of the academic realities both in the US and overseas. This allowed you to be flexible, to optimize the process, and ask for a very affordable fee for your service."

    EUROPE:Romania - Floriana Radencovici

  5. "My wife and I were privileged to have Mrs. Zilda DePaula as our ESL Teacher. The ESL proficiency attained has enabled us to travel and to attend Training Seminars in England, South Africa, USA, in order to share the Academic Training with the entire country. Thanks, Mrs. DePaula, for your dedication and professionalism."

    MIDDLE EAST:U.A.Emirates - Mr. Abdullah Al-Mutawa,
    Deputy, Instructional Division,
    Abu-Dhabi, UAE

  6. "Whenever someone ask me where I got the English language vocabulary needed for my everyday calls overseas, my answer is Professor Zilda DePaula. When I signed up for the Tutorial Program at the Second Language Academy in Charlotte, I made clear to Dr. DePaula that my goal was to master the Banking and Finance vocabulary. She assigned to me the bank glossary that I should master. From then on, I got a big push from her that propelled my career and never stopped. I have referred so many people to Mrs. DePaula."

    SOUTH AMERICA: Brazil: - Mr. Wandir Reple, Vice President
    Chase Manhattan Bank

  7. "Upon completion of my intensive English Program – back in 1995, I told Dr. Zilda DePaula that I was grateful for all the language training received. I wrote to her that "My Company sends me all over the world to attend Seminars and Training Workshops, and it is all tied to my command of the English language. For that command and proficiency I will never cease to thank Dr. Zilda DePaula, the most amazing ESL Professor I ever met. Last year I referred a co-worker to the Second Language Academy. He is currently there. Recently, I have been asked to participate at the national level as one of the presenters. What a challenge! Again, the credit is always shared with Dr. DePaula. " Life goes on everywhere and so it goes – regarding my career. I left the Esso Standard Oil Management to accept the prestigious position as the Budget Analyst at the US Embassy in Congo. See what the letter that the Embassy gave-me as I came on vacation to Charlotte,USA., says: “Logo of the Embassy of the United States of America – Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo – SERVICE ATTESTATION – I, the undersigned, CRAIG L. CLOUD, Administrative Counselor for the American Embassy in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, hereby attest that Mr. PAUL MATETA KANDA, is an employee of the Embassy, and his position is Budget Analyst, a position that he holds since November 16, 1998 until now. He is on his way to enjoy his annual vacation leave.  We are issuing this attestation to serve all the purpose that he might deem necessary. Issued in Kinshasa, on May 13, 2009. (Signed): Craig L. Cloud, Administrative Counselor, who applied the Embassy Seal.  The Second Language Academy sent Congratulations to Mateta!"

    AFRICA:Congo - Mr. Mateta S. Kanda, Budget Analyst
    US Embassy in Kinshasa, Congo

  8. "The reason why I got this position with the Bank of America, can be explained in just a few words. I studied English as a Second Language with Mrs. Zilda DePaula. She is a sort of mentor to me. She is the best example of dedication and enthusiasm that I know of. She will always be my favorite teacher."

    EUROPE:SPAIN: Mrs. Consuelo Cansler,
    Administrative Assistant for the Latin American Division
    International Department-Bank of America

  9. "Teacher for Charlotte Mecklenburg School System - I came to the New York in 1998, and during my first 6 years there I worked as a house cleaner. In my spare time I had a second job, recycling bottles and cans, which was economically fairly good, although the job was unqualified. Having graduated in Agronomy at the University in Colombia, I felt that my 8 years of education and experience were useless. In many occasions I underwent depression and frustration, because I was not making any use of the Education received. My life had no purpose. The decision to move to Charlotte, NC in 2005 was extremely difficult for me and my family. After one year one uncertainty I found a part-time job with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, as a substitute worker in the school cafetería. Despite all the benefits I was still unhappy, because my brain was prepared for higher positions within the School system. One day I was approached by a teacher who Heard about my University background, and he told me that if my records were properly evaluated I could be promoted to a much better position. He gave me the phone number of Carolina Polyglot, Inc. Following his advice I met Dr. William DePaula, the Company President who assisted me the translation of my transcript and credentials and evaluated them for my employer. His evaluation was completed and delivered on September 20, 2007. His evaluation of my credentials did the trick, while I was patiently working and waiting. Finally, the promotion came on August 28, 2008, and I am now the happiest Spanish Teacher in town! I thank God who granted me this promotion and I also thank Dr. DePaula for restoring self-image and my enthusiasm for the teaching profession. I will never forget his words of incentive, his enthusiasm, and his professionalism."

    SOUTH AMERICA:Colombia - Isabel Cristina Casanova
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